About the Artist

I am available for commissions - Please inquire

Welcome to my shop! Dreaming Owl Art is my place to share my whimsical and creative side. I wander back and forth between reaching for high art and enjoying more American Primitive designs...as well as experimentation with watercolor, acrylic, and Brusho. Hopefully, you will find something fun to take home.

My name is Renee Campbell and I'm an artist. It took me a long time to say that. It was easier to use the words "crafty," "crafter," or "artistic." So I was the "artsy crafter" in the room. Being an ARTIST seemed like something unattainable or reserved for those people who formally studied art and have claimed "Artist" as their profession. That is something that I would love to do...live as an artist. However, I have an 8-5 job to help support our family. Creating is something that I need to do, on the other hand.

I am often asked how did I learn to paint. I am officially self-taught (but aren't we all, really?) We explore and we learn. I have not learned in isolation; I have watched videos and read tutorials. I have learned from others remotely. The few classes in art instruction that I have taken never seemed to move at the right pace for me. I was always behind in practice, or bored in theory.

I am an animal lover. I am foremost a wildlife artist. I love capturing the expressive nature of animals. What you see in my shop are what I love to do...explore the light, shadow, color, and form of animals, landscapes (hopefully more soon), and sometimes still life for fun and practice.  I am available for pet portraits and wildlife commissions.

I enjoy several types of media from watercolor to acrylics, pastels and graphite. Do I really have to choose?

I live in the heart of New Hampshire. I am fortunate to see beautiful mountains in the distance on a regular basis and lakes up close, every day. I love the wildlife and beauty of the Lakes Region. #nhartist

If you see a ready-to-ship handmade item in my store that appeals to you, but you'd like one made for you with some changes, please message me.