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Americana Red Meeting House on the Hill - Small 6" x 6" Painting


Primitive Red Meeting House on the Hill, Acrylic Painting, Small 6" x 6" Canvas Panel, Folk Art.

Americana or American Primitive paintings imply a simpler life, in a simpler era, before the complications of technology. The minimalist lines and shapes can convey as much meaning to the viewer as a more detailed painting. Much is suggested with the use of color and brush strokes. This is a variation of the Red Meeting House painting that has a basic sky and single tree. This one reminds me of red barns on rolling hills of green in a farming community of Vermont. In New England, the weather changes frequently. The sky in this painting reflects that...is it sunny or cloudy? It's a blue sky with a layer of wispy clouds. The colors reflect the cooler season of Fall with deep kahki ones in the hill and yellows and greens in the greens with a few dots of red.

It is painted on canvas panel, also called "canvas board," by Renee Campbell. This painting is being sold unframed. It can be displayed on an easel, put into a frame with or without glass or a stick-on picture hanger can be attached. You can also choose to mount it on a cradled panel of your choosing.

Shipped with USPS First Class Package.